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Medical Paper/Paper Bag

Paper/Paper Sterilization Pouch

A / Material
Medical Dialysis Paper  + Medical Liquid on Paper
B / Features
1. Characteristics: Side Sealing, High Strength, Tear Without a Sticker.
2. Performance: Good air Permeability, Bacterial Resistance.
3. Methods of Sterilization : EO, Gamma-ray.
4. Methods of Printing: water-soluble and environmental protection ink, can print logo of sterilization instructions.
C / Adaptation
Medical Masks, latex gloves, dressings, gowns and so on.
D / Notes
1.According to the size of sterilized items to select suitable packaging pouch, or easy to cause pouch’ burst.
2.Choose the appropriate sterilization method, this kind of package does not adapt to high-pressure steam sterilization.
3.Suggested sealing temperature 140 -180 . Heat-Sealing pressure 0.15KG/CM, can Specifically according to the influence of heat-sealing to do the appropriate adjustment..