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Medical Paper/Plastic Bag

Paper/Plastic Sterilization Pouch

A / Material
PE / PET + Medical Dialysis Paper
B / Features
1. Characteristics: Edge-Sealing with, High Strength, Tear Without a Sticky paper.
2. Performance: Good air Permeability, Bacterial Resistance.
3. Methods of Sterilization : EO, Gamma-ray.
4. Methods of Printing: water penetration of environmentally friendly ink, can print logo sterilization instructions.
C / adaptation
Disposable Medical Supplies, Disposable Infusion sets, Syringes, Scalp acupuncture, Surgical clothing, Catheters, Suture needles and so on.
D / Notes
1 According to the size of sterilized items to select suitable packaging pouch, or easy to cause pouch’ burst.
2.Choose the appropriate sterilization method, this package does not adapt to high-pressure steam sterilization.
3.Proposed sealing temperature of 180 -200 . Sealing pressure 0.15KG/CM, concrete sealing effect can be adjusted as appropriate.